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Radish Fair Trading Post now open!


This is the website for Radish, an indie green/radical bookshop and fair trading post based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.  

WE WILL BE LEAVING OUR LOVELY SHOP IN MARCH!  Meg is retiring so Radish is moving to its new phase.  We'll still be selling books and fair trade but - as seems to be the way of many indies nowadays - only online.  All our loyal and local customers can still get the Radish experience and personal service by emailing Meg at   We'll still be able to source new and second hand books for you but on a delivery only basis.  

The website will be getting a new look as Meg wants to develop it into a resource for green radical minds and THERE ARE MANY WAYS YOU CAN HELP!  

1. Continue to buy online through our affiliation with the Hive. We get a commission on each book sold if  you click on the link above and always buy through this website first.

2. Those of you who are our fair trade customers can still buy from us at our new-look fair trading post - accessed through the link above.

3. We have started a funding campaign through GoFundMe (above). This is so that we can create our own online bookshop to make the Radishweb more homogeneous. Unfortunately it will be very pricey for us as book data requires an expensive license. Small donations come with a small thankyou present; the larger ones turn into book subscriptions which gives great value for your money.

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